Audioquest NRG-X2 C7

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AudioQuest’s NRG-X Series Power Cables, which have received numerous awards, have been praised by both seasoned audiophiles and newcomers for their unmatched combination of performance and value. Compared to standard AC power cords or even premium cables at similar or higher prices, NRG-X cables have consistently delivered improved bass definition, enhanced transient articulation, a larger soundstage, and more of the spatial cues that bring recorded music to life.

We are thrilled to introduce the next generation of NRG-X Series power cables, continuing the tradition of exceptional performance and outstanding value while complementing and enhancing today’s exciting electronic devices.

These new NRG-X Series power cables use Direction-Controlled Long-Grain Copper (LGC) in a Semi-Solid Concentric Topology, a sophisticated physical arrangement where strands are tightly packed and never change position within the bundle. Direction-Controlled LGC minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries in any metal conductor, ensuring that induced noise is properly dissipated and drained – as always, we direct noise where it will least harm your system’s performance.

While the earlier X cables had 37 strands in three layers over the single center strand, the new X-Series power cables have only seven larger strands forming a single uniform layer over a center strand. This seemingly simple refinement yields delightfully clear results.

In addition, the 2-pole NRG-X2 model uses our super-slim C7 female end, perfectly accommodating Sonos components, gaming consoles, and more.

Designed by AudioQuest to effectively reduce noise in your audio/video system, our new X-Series power cables stay true to the music, allowing you to hear more of what’s recorded. We invite you to experience the difference!

LONG-GRAIN COPPER (LGC) Long-Grain Copper (LGC) minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries present in any metal conductor.

SEMI-SOLID CONCENTRIC CONDUCTORS In our Semi-Solid Concentric conductor topology, strands are more tightly grouped and never change position within the bundle, significantly reducing strand-interaction distortion.

DIRECTION-CONTROLLED CONDUCTORS A fundamental aspect of AudioQuest’s multifaceted Noise-Dissipation technology, Direction-Controlled Conductors ensure induced noise is properly dissipated and drained.