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Ecran Grandview Courbe Permanent Fixe Prestige

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Grandview  Permanent Fixed-Frame Prestige Courbe

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  • Normal projection screens operate on a flat surface although the human eye bears an oval shape as well as differences in focal length. The light and images reflected by different areas of the screen arrive at our eyes unevenly and thus an final image that sometimes is not a perfect match. With the Curved screen, the bend conforms more accurately to our natural viewing focal length and thus creates an image for the viewer that is a near accurate match to the image.
  • The lens of a projector is designed to be spherical in shape. The larger the projector screen, the larger the spherical distortion will be. By changing the screen’s horizontal arc, the distance between each point on the Curved screen in relation to the projector is near equivalent. The blurred distortion that sometimes occurs at the wider edges of the image can be eliminated, making the large image uniform and perfectly focused.

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