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The SP3 employs a 3.5-inch carbon fiber mid-woofer, larger than typical products in its class. These larger woofers have an inherent advantage over smaller woofers in dynamics, projecting a larger soundstage, and other sonic attributes. Whether watching movies or listening to music, this woofer is truly capable of expressing the grandness of the audio even at louder volumes.

Carbon fiber is extremely strong and highly rigid yet lightweight – the ideal properties for a speaker driver. The light weight of carbon fiber allows the woofer to have rapid transient response, while carbon fiber’s high strength and rigidity reduce non-linear distortion by minimizing unwanted secondary vibrations when the driver is moving when producing sound. Altogether, the carbon fiber material of the woofer helps to reproduce sound faithfully and lets you be more immersed in your high fidelity listening.

Each fiber of carbon fiber in the SP3 is only 0.007mm thick – the thickness of a single hair. These fibers are braided together, which helps to enhance sound quality by ensuring a wrinkle-free diaphragm as well as making the diaphragm stronger and more resistant to cracks after extended driver movement and usage.


For the 3.5-inch carbon fiber midwoofer to really produce potent bass and let the SP3 perform to its maximum potential, the development team created an asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits system. An auxiliary magnet was added to the center of the SP3’s internals to form an inner and outer magnetic circuit, which improves the strength of the magnetic field created – allowing for a magnetic flux of up to 1.2 Tesla. This is the powerful driving force behind the driver that gives the SP3 its dynamic sound. In addition, the asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit systems also help to reduce non-linear distortion across all frequencies, so good sound is always on hand no matter what music one is listening to.


In an active desktop speaker, the tweeter frequently plays a crucial role in reproducing fine musical detail, instrumental overtones, and overall treble resolution. The SP3, unlike many other active desktop speakers employing a 3/4-inch tweeter instead utilizes a 1-inch tweeter that can produce frequencies as high as 35kHz. The tweeter’s KSV copper-clad aluminum voice coil that even at high volumes, ultra-high frequencies remain uncompressed – the result being better treble reproduction even in off-axis listening as well as highly resolving treble with natural timbre. With the SP3, you will be able to hear even the most subtle of vibrations generated by instruments.


With the FiO SP3, the development team considered multiple aspects when choosing the material of the tweeter. The softness of the internal part of the silk tweeter also acts as a soundwave absorbent, effectively absorbing unwanted sound waves behind the driver and further enhancing the sound output by the tweeter.

Low resonance frequency and high current carrying capacity have always been the goals of those designing high fidelity audio products. The FiO SP3 features a large empty cavity rear of the tweeter magnet, allowing the tweeter to play frequencies as low as an astonishing 800Hz. Even when the tweeter is playing frequencies above 20kHz, the rear cavity and overall design of the tweeter allow for unwanted soundwaves to escape and reduce resonances generated by tweeter movement. The result is silky smooth yet well-extended treble.





In the actual test, the frequency response curve of the SP3 is smooth with balanced bass, mids, and treble, which is basically a straight line. It is worth noting that the effective bass extension can reach 65Hz, which is almost unparalleled in its class. When watching movies or listening to ultra-low-frequency tracks, deep and abyssal listening will totally shock and stimulate every nerve of your auditory system. In the high frequency part, thanks to the 1-inch tweeter unit, there is no drop in the 10k-20kHiz frequency band, maintaining the straightness and smoothness of the curve, and perfectly reproducing what a HiFi sound should be like.


For outstanding sound quality, the FilO SP3 was tuned and designed specifically to ensure that the sound waves optimally reach the listener. The tweeter is precisely angled so that there is essentially lossless transmission of sound waves for listeners at an off-axis range between 0 to =15°, so users do not have to be listening at a certain position and thus makes positioning the speakers more convenient.

In addition, the horizontal striped pattern in front of the tweeter has been designed to allow the soundwaves emanating from the tweeter to diffuse more effectively throughout the room, greatly enhancing the perceived soundstage and better providing the illusion of actually being in a grand concert hall.


In a ported speaker, the resulting bass frequencies are made by the bass woofer and the porting tube. The job of the porting tube is to further enhance bass extension and enhance bass control, for fast bass transients and overall better bass quality.

The FiiO SP3 features a 3.5-inch midwoofer that is larger than what is typically found in its class. What this means is that when playing music with a bass emphasis, the woofer vibrates more and thus more air is flowing through the speaker porting tube. Engineers have to take into account this flow of air when designing the porting system to ensure that the air flows smoothly so that the resulting bass is of high quality.

After going through dozens of different designs, FiiO engineers finally developed the innovative “double-diffused S-shaped porting tube”, which specifically allows the SP3 to meet its goals of being compact yet capable of producing high quality sound. First, this porting tube design features a much smaller cross-section than typical porting tubes, allowing the SP3 to remain small in volume. Second, FiiO engineers carefully created the “S” shape of the porting tube to maximize smooth air flow and minimize turbulence. Finally, damping is specifically placed at the inlet and outlet of the tube, for reduced audible noise and for a pure, robust bass quality. All in all, the SP3 will easily immerse you in a movie thanks to its ability to accurately reproduce sound effects.


In professional audio products, an active crossover is used to split the frequencies in a sound signal, with higher frequencies going towards the tweeter amplifier and then the tweeter; and the lower frequencies going towards the woofer amplifier and then the woofer. This ensures less interference between the signals being sent towards different drivers. The FiiO SP3 adopts an active crossover with a crossover 3.4kHz specifically chosen to maximize the performance of the tweeter and woofer.

The SP3 utilizes a 2-way, second-order active filter circuit to more accurately control the crossover frequency, to better make sure that the signals being sent to each driver are more effectively isolated – resulting in less intermodulation distortion, avoiding driver overload, and greatly improving the use efficiency of power being supplied. The SP3 power supply can deliver up to an astonishing 100W, allowing you to truly experience truly thunderous sound unparalleled in its class.


Looks do matter for something that will be sitting prominently on your desktop! The SP3 features LED lights at the bottom of its cabinet. When you turn on the SP3, light will immediately bathe the bottom of the unit, instantly creating a new desktop atmosphere. When being used, the SP3 will automatically switch to a pulsing light mode, changing between the 24 different colors and letting you breathe along with your music.



  • Name/Model: SP3
  • Dimensions:
    • About 163x120x132mm (without base)
    • About 170x120x132mm (with 0° flat base)
    • About 182x120x132mm (with 7° elevation base)


    • HD(%)Max volume, Rated input -10dB: ≤ 0.02%
    • Output power (distortion limited):
  • Rated condition (THD 1%), bass: 2X30W
    • Rated condition (THD 1%), treble: 2X10W
  • Crosstalk Rated conditions: 84dB
  • SNR Rated conditions (dbA): 96dB
  • Crossover point It is the point at where sound transitions from bass to treble speaker: 3.4KHZ
  • Bass adjustment: -8dB-0dB
  • Input methods: RCA 3.5mm
  • Dimensions HxWxD(mm): 165x120x130


  • Frequency Response Measured in the free field (anechoic chamber), at 1m(=3.28ft.) axially from the front of the speaker, with input power 1W: 65Hz–20KHz STD±2db
  • Impedance:
    • Bass driver: 8 Ω
    • Treble driver: 8 Ω
  • Sensitivity Measured in the free field (anechoic chamber), at 1m(=3.28ft.) axially from the front of the speaker, with frequency range 74HZ-20KHZ,1/3 OCT,120mV: 85dB


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