Moon Voice 22


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Moon Voice 22

Our own Voice

The MOON Voice 22 loudspeaker completes the realization of our dream to offer an all-MOON music system with our own voice.

What to expect

The Voice 22 delivers the renowned rich and natural signature MOON sound with a precise clarity that will delight any music lover.

The perfect relationship

The Voice 22 is the perfect fit for the ACE which offers a complete entertainment sound system.

10 Reasons to buy the Voice 22

  • For the first time, MOON has its own authentic voice 
  • Renowned MOON sound quality
  • Premium materials and industry-leading technologies
  • Perfect partner for the MOON ACE, as well as all 200- through 300-series amplifiers
  • Unique MOON technology: CGD (Curved Groove Damping)
  • Modern enclosure design with a classic twist recalling Simaudio’s 1980 genesis
  • Choice of black or white modern finishes with removable magnetic cloth grilles complement any decor
  • A unique ‘floating’ appearance thanks to the Hover Base
  • Elegant custom-made loudspeaker stands for steady support and enhanced room-filling sound (optional)
  • Renowned MOON 10-year warranty

Design features