Musical Fidelity LX2-HPA

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The LX2-HPA offers an immersive monitoring-level listening experience, delivering sound that is completely uncolored and characterized by an exceptionally wide dynamic range. It achieves this against a backdrop as quiet as black velvet and with impeccably positioned spatial imagery.

Much like a power amplifier, a headphone amplifier shares similar technical demands with regards to its load (the headphones): exceptional load tolerance, high stability margins, low distortion, wide bandwidth, low noise, and excellent channel separation are all vital.

The LX2-HPA effortlessly drives virtually any commercially available headphone. Its ability to deliver high current and maintain outstanding stability results in a neutral and uncolored performance. Distortion is impressively low at less than 0.0035% across a wide bandwidth, making it practically inaudible. Even at 40kHz, the distortion remains well below 0.05%, showcasing its remarkable performance. The superb signal-to-noise ratio, surpassing 112dB, ensures that your music emerges from an entirely noise-free background.

Furthermore, it excels in stereo separation, guaranteeing a rock-solid and precise imaging experience. It truly offers a journey into the depths of sonic space.

Technical Specifications:

Input Impedance: 47KΩ Input Sensitivity: 3.0mV Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01% Signal / Noise Ratio: >80dB

General: Power Requirement: 12 – 24V 100mA Regulated

Connections: RCA Input: 1 pair RCA sockets RCA Output: 1 pair RCA sockets Headphone Output (6.3mm): 1 stereo jack socket (6.3mm) Headphone Output (3.5mm): 1 stereo jack socket (3.5mm) Power Input: DC Jack (1.3mm inner pin, outer diameter 3.5mm)

Dimensions: Length (including terminals): 197mm Width: 172mm Height (including feet): 46.5 mm

Weight: Unit alone: 1.05Kg

Unit with packing: 1.50Kg

Included accessories: Power Supply: 12V 500mA