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The remarkable studio reference MX HPA, a fully balanced headphone amplifier, has been a project filled with passion for everyone at Musical Fidelity. As some of you may already know, we have been producing headphones for quite some time and have always been enthusiastic headphone enthusiasts. While the M1 HPA is a very good product, we aspired to create something truly exceptional.

The MX HPA, a fully balanced headphone amplifier, represents the culmination of decades of experience in crafting high-quality headphone amplifiers. In relative terms, the MX HPA delivers headphone performance comparable to what the incredible Titan achieves with loudspeakers. It’s awe-inspiring, extraordinary, boundless, and every other superlative you can think of. It’s truly remarkable.

The MX HPA boasts stunning technical performance. Typically, distortion from 20 Hz to 40 kHz is less than 0.005%, which is an incredibly low figure. The signal-to-noise ratio exceeds 120dB (A-weighted). Needless to say, the frequency response remains perfectly flat from 10 Hz to 20 kHz, with only a minimal deviation of -0.1dB.

This amplifier is capable of a short-term peak of 10 watts for a single cycle. It offers two gain settings: 18dB (8X) and 24dB (15X). Inputs can be either balanced or single-ended, and it automatically converts single-ended inputs to balanced. The MX HPA is genuinely a fully balanced amplifier from start to finish.


  • Power 1.8 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms (27dBW)
  • Maximum output voltage 19 Volts RMS, 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • Onset of clipping (54 Volts peak-to-peak) balanced

Line input

  • THD+N >0.005% typical, 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • Signal / noise ratio >120dB ‘A’-weighted
  • Input impedance 50k Ohms
  • Frequency response +0, –0.1dB, 10Hz to 20 kHz
  • Gain, LO position (volume max) 18db (8x)
  • Gain, HI position (volume max) 24dB (15x)


Line level inputs

    • 1 pair line level XLR (balanced) connectors
    • 1 pairs line level RCA connectors

Headphone outputs

  • 1 pair 3-pin XLR/¼” stereo Jack combined sockets

Power requirement

  • Mains voltages 90-250VAC 50-60Hz universal worldwide supply
  • Consumption >0.25 Watts standby (Orange LED lit)
  • 15 Watts maximum (Blue LED lit, full power output)


  • Unit only, unboxed 2.2 kg (5 lbs) In shipping carton 3.7 kg (8¼ lbs)


  • Width 220 mm (8⅔”)
  • Height (including feet) 53 mm (2”)
  • Depth (front to back) inc. terminals 240 mm (9½”)