Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA 800.2

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In Brief: Nu-Vista 800.2

  • An audio masterpiece utilizing our incredible Nu-Vista circuitry.
  • NEW Redesigned front panel with a new display.
  • NEW Rewound transformer for reduced noise.
  • NEW Revised power supply circuits.
  • NEW Remote on/standby function.
  • Five versatile inputs – Balanced XLR, CD, Tuner, 2 x Auxiliaries.
  • Fixed and variable preamplified outputs.
  • Home theater bypass.
  • 300 WPC+.
  • Total stability margin, capable of driving any speaker with ease.
  • Cutting-edge technical performance with the magic of Nu-Vistors.
  • Dual mono power amps with separate preamp.
  • Superb design, heroic build quality.

Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA 800.2


Never before in the history of hi-fi have NuVistor tubes been coupled with state-of-the-art SMD technology and sophisticated modern design techniques. The technical performance of the Nu-Vista 800.2 is astonishing.

  • Over 300 watts per channel with unconditional stability margins and incredible load-driving capability.
  • Incredibly low distortion over a colossal bandwidth.
  • Extremely low noise.
  • Extremely flat frequency response.

The Nu-Vista 800.2 offers dreamlike measurements but, more importantly, it delivers incredible sound. It is silky smooth with enormous transients and an effortless feel that is both relaxing and captivating.

Of particular note is how the Nu-Vista 800.2 projects images between the speakers so that you can almost touch them.

The TITAN Heritage The Nu-Vista 800 was an amplifier that enjoyed great popularity and extensive use as a high-end hybrid integrated over the past few years. It was originally designed in 2013 to revive the then-discontinued Nu-vista family of products.

We reworked the old Nu-Vista circuit according to modern practices, and it was the first to include the locally decoupled output stage since the TITAN. This involved giving each output device a corresponding high-current storage capacitor. These capacitors, mounted on the power amplifier PCB, give it a similar appearance to that of a “V10” engine!

Mounting such a capacitor near each output transistor allows more immediate access to stored energy, with a much lower impedance path for the flow. This results in better transient response and, coincidentally, provides a degree of improved ripple filtration at higher currents in conjunction with the storage capacitors located elsewhere.

The main storage capacitors are located right on the rectifiers, also reducing the power supply impedance and helping to keep rectification noise and hum away from the high-gain PA circuit.

This unit was very popular, bringing the Nu-Vista sound to a new generation of listeners, and a matching CD player was also produced, receiving great acclaim.

Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA 800.2


From Nu-Vista 800 to 800.2 Unfortunately, as is the case with everything encompassing modern as well as more traditional technology, certain parts were discontinued. The original “retro look” display was suddenly no longer produced, with very little notice. We were thus faced with a choice: discontinue a popular amplifier or find a workaround and replace the original with an updated version, while staying as unchanged as possible from the original formula.

The Nu-Vista 800.2 received a modernized front plate and a completely new display. It aligns with our new range of Nu-Vista products. We quickly realized that we would need to update the power supply circuits and the electronic on/off control to accommodate the new display. Fortunately, this meant that we could also add the missing remote on/standby function.

And while we were at it, we had our transformers rewound for lower standing flux, making them less sensitive to mains DC offset noise. This resulted in a slightly larger (and heavier) transformer which, fortunately, still fits the same casing.

The result is that we now have a new hybrid integrated amplifier, the Nu-Vista 800.2, which will visually fit into the new range of Nu-Vista products while keeping the audio parameters of the original intact, and even improving them in some areas.

Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA 800.2


Heroic Build Quality The mechanical construction of the Nu-Vista 800.2 is uncompromisingly rigid and solid, in the typical tradition of Musical Fidelity. The front panel and side panels are milled from extruded aluminum profiles and are extremely massive. The Nu-Vista 800.2 is practically immune to the effects of surrounding vibrations. The same applies to electromagnetic immunity. The massive aluminum case acts as a Faraday cage. It protects the internal components against external electromagnetic fields, and similarly, the rest of your HiFi equipment against electromagnetic fields generated by the Nu-Vista 800.2.

The new Nu-Vista 800.2 is a continued labor of love for Musical Fidelity. Our passion for Nuvistor tubes hasn’t stopped. Everyone at Musical Fidelity hopes that you derive as much pleasure listening to the Nu-Vista 800.2 as we had creating it.

Nuvistor Tubes Nuvistor tubes were invented in the 1950s to address the numerous shortcomings of conventional tubes. Unlike conventional tubes, Nuvistor tubes offer very high reliability, low microphony, low noise, consistency from batch to batch, small size, relatively low power consumption, and great technical performance.

One famous application was in the Ampex MR-70, a costly studio tape recorder whose entire electronics section was based on Nuvistors. Another limited application of this very small tube was in studio-grade microphones of that era, such as the AKG/Norelco C12a, which used the 7586, as a good example. It was also later found in the famous Neumann U 47 studio microphone. This microphone was highly regarded by artists worldwide and was used by many renowned artists such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and others. Remarkably, you can currently find a U47 microphone, with its stand, cables, and power supply on eBay for $10,999 “Buy it now”.

Unfortunately, just as uses for Nuvistor tubes were being explored, the transistor was invented, and it was ‘game over’ for Nuvistors. There the matter rested until about fifteen years ago, when Musical Fidelity created the first of its groundbreaking Nu-Vista series. These legendary limited-edition products sold out in a matter of months. Today, fifteen years later, they command very high resale prices because of their beautiful sound, build quality, and longevity.


  • Power:
    • 330 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms
    • 500W into 4 ohms
    • 1000W peaks into 2 ohms
  • Voltage:
    • 52 Volts RMS, 20Hz to 20 kHz; onset of clipping
    • 147 Volts peak to peak
  • Current:
    • 120 Amps peak to peak
  • Damping factor: 200
  • Output devices: 5 pairs per channel

Line input

  • THD+N: < 0.005 % typical, 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • SNR: > 107dB ‘A’-weighted
  • Input impedance: 40 k Ohms
  • Frequency response: +0, –0.1dB, 10Hz to 30 kHz


  • Line level inputs: 4 pairs line level RCA connectors; 1 pair line level balanced XLR connectors
  • Line level outputs:
    • 1 pair line level RCA connectors, constant level LINE outputs
    • 1 pair line level RCA connectors, PREAMP outputs for e.g. biamping
  • Speaker outputs: 2 pairs 4mm banana plug/binding posts

Power requirement

  • Mains voltages:
    • 115/230VAC 50/60Hz (factory pre-set)
    • 100VAC 50/60Hz (alternative)
  • Consumption:
    • <0.5W in standby mode (orange LED lit)
    • 130W on and idle (blue LED lit)
    • 900 Watts maximum

General Information

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 483 x 187 x 510 mm
  • Weight: 41 kg net


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