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Stereo integrated amplifier

499,00 $

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NAD has built a remarkable reputation for crafting budget amplifiers that deliver outstanding performance. This legacy traces back to the iconic 3020 amplifier of 1978 and continues with the current C 328, earning numerous accolades, “Best Amp” awards, and glowing five-star reviews. Among these esteemed amplifiers, the C 316BEE exceeded expectations, receiving accolades such as the EISA award for ‘Best Product 2008-2009’ and high recommendations from leading audio publications worldwide.



In response to the resurgence of vinyl, we have enhanced the design by incorporating NAD’s highly acclaimed RIAA phono stage. This sophisticated circuitry combines low noise characteristics with ample overload margins, effectively eliminating noise and distortion. The RIAA equalization is exceptionally precise—an exceptional feature at this price point—and an infrasonic filter is included to reject airborne vibrations that may cause parasitic feedback.

With the inclusion of NAD’s renowned RIAA phono stage, the C 316BEE delivers a superior vinyl listening experience. Its accurate reproduction of RIAA equalization ensures faithful playback, while the innovative infrasonic filter maintains clarity by rejecting unwanted vibrations. Experience the NAD commitment to excellence as we continue to create amplifiers that offer exceptional value and performance for music enthusiasts.


  • PowerDrive
  • 5 Line Level Inputs
  • MM Phono Input for Vinyl
  • Front Panel Input for Portable Media Players
  • Bass and Treble Controls
  • Tone Defeat (Bypass)
  • Headphone Output
  • IR Remote Control
  • Multi-way Speaker Binding Posts
  • Gold Plated RCA Jacks
  • Toroidal Power Transformer
  • <0.5W Standby consumption