Primacoustic Broadway Scatter Block

SKU: 20720
  • 12" x 12" Fabric covered acoustic panels with resin hardened edges
  • Box contains 24 panels.
  • Used to control flutter echo and reverberant field
  • The ultimate in Soft Diffusion™
  • Easy to install on practically any surface
  • Wide range of great looking patterns and colors

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Broadway Scatter Blocks present an ‘easy-to-install’ solution for acoustic treatment where you want to control sound, but do not want to eliminate natural ambiance.

Made from high density 6 pound per cubic foot high density glass wool, Scatter Blocks are designed to be randomly spaced on large wall surfaces to create an effect we call Soft Diffusion—an affordable alternative to full scale quadratic diffusion. By leaving reflective spaces in between the panels, some energy is absorbed while some is left to reflect back into the room. This helps control flutter echo and reduces standing waves while retaining a sense of ‘air’ or space in the room.

This makes the Scatter Blocks an excellent choice for live-end, dead-end designs in studios, controlling chatter echo in home theatres and presents a cost effective solution for larger spaces such as dance studios, fitness centers and classrooms that need to be tamed in effort to reduce the reverberant field and improve intelligibility.

Broadway Scatter Blocks come in choice of 1" or 2" thick panels, in grey, black or beige.

Image Size Color Order Number
(xx denotes color code)
Thickness Edge Treatment Qty. in Box Surface Coverage per Box
"" 12" x 12" 
(30.48 x 30.48cm)

1 sq-ft per panel 
(0.092 sq-meters)

F101-1212-xx 1" (2.54cm) "" 24 24 sq-ft (2.22 sq-meters)
F102-1212-xx 2" (5.08cm) "" 24 24 sq-ft (2.22 sq-meters)