Pro-Ject Phono Box S2 Ultra

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The Pro-Ject PJ82382120 Phono Box S2 Ultra is unparalleled among phono preamplifiers in its class. The success of our Phono Box Ultra 500 prompted us to introduce this wonderfully sounding phono preamp into the S2 range. The solid metal casing protects against interference, and the internal design remains just as spectacular as before. We offer a fully discrete design without operational amplifiers, enabling us to achieve an incredibly harmonious sound.

In addition to omitting operational amplifiers, we chose to use polystyrene capacitors. These significantly contribute to the high-end sound quality of the Pro-Ject PJ82382120 Phono Box S2 Ultra. These capacitors, known among audiophiles as the holy grail for phono preamplifiers, allow for pinpoint accurate reproduction of the RIAA curve. A luxury that many other phono preamps at this price point do not provide.

The Pro-Ject PJ82382120 Phono Box S2 Ultra also features precise RIAA equalization for unmatched accuracy and realism, features that most competitively priced phono preamps lack. It also includes a switchable subsonic filter (18 dB @ 20 Hz) to eliminate turntable vibrations and other low-frequency resonances. You also have switchable input impedance/capacitance and four adjustable gain levels to accommodate a wide range of phono cartridges. The Pro-Ject PJ82382120 S2 Ultra uses an external wall-wart type power supply, which should result in reduced noise levels compared to an internal power supply. Loading and gain adjustments are located on the underside of the chassis, and there is a decent range of adjustment for such an affordable design.

Input impedance: 10/100/1k/47k ohms Input capacitance: 100/220 pF Gain switch: 40/43/60/63 dB Subsonic switch: -18 dB @ 20 Hz Signal-to-noise ratio: -89 dB V (MM) THD: 0.00052% RIAA accuracy: < 0.4 dB / 20 Hz – 20 kHz In/Out sockets: 1 pair of RCA connectors Power consumption: 18 V / 80 mA Outboard power supply: 18V DC / 500 mA Color: silver or black


Dimensions (WxHxD): 103 x 37 x 119 mm Weight: 570 g without power supply

Amplifier Channels: 2

Color: Black

Amplifier – DAC: No