UGS : Q3 Brand:

209,99 $


Fully Balanced THX AAA Amplifier

The THX AAA amplifier provides greater yet more efficient power than most op-amps, allowing the Q3 to drive even the most high-impedance headphones with an extremely low noise floor.

Supports up to 32-bit/768kHz and DSD512

With an AKM AK4462 DAC chip and an XMOS XUF208 beneath the hood, the FiiO Q3 can easily decode sample rates up to 32-bit/768kHz and DSD512, the highest quality sampling outside of MQA.

Forget The Charger

With up to 19 hours of battery life, the Q3 invites you to leave the charger behind.

Three Outputs

Featuring 4.4mm and 2.5mm balanced outputs and a 3.5mm single-ended output, the Q3 can accommodate most headphones without the use of adaptors.

Sample Rate Indicator

The Q3’s volume knob has a neat trick up its sleeve. It indicates the bit-rate of the current track with a splash of LED color: blue for tracks beneath 48kHz, yellow for DSD, and green for tracks above 48kHz.

Purely Hardware-Based Bass Switch

Bassheads rejoice. The Q3 features a bass switch that boosts bass frequencies by 6dB without affecting the mids or trebles.

Features & Specifications

  • Audio Input: USB Type C
  • Outputs: 3.5mm Single-ended, 2.5mm Balanced, 4.4mm Balanced
  • Channel Balance: ≤0.2dB
  • Battery Capacity: 1800mAh
  • Charging Time: ≤2 hours
  • Native DSD Supported: 64/128/256/512
  • Max sampling rate supported: 32-bit/768kHz
  • DAC: AKM4462
  • Amp: THX_AAA28
  • LPF: OPA1662
  • SNR: ≥114dB (3.5mm), ≥115dB (2.5/4.4mm)
  • THD+N: <0.0012% (3.5mm), <0.0012% (2.5/4.4mm)
  • Output Impedance: 1.2Ω (3.5mm), 3Ω (2.5/4.4mm)
  • Weight: 3.8oz (110g)
  • Dimensions:: 4.1 x 2.3 x 0.49” (105 x 59 x 12.5mm)