Mark Levinson No.536

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Discern the very subtlest details in your music — at any volume — with the Mark Levinson № 536. This Pure Path monoblock amplifier provides a deep, expansive soundstage and accurate image placement while delivering an incredible 400 watts per channel. Pair a single № 536 to each of your loudspeakers for the ultimate in stereo performance — and share the experience of discovering details in your favorite music that you’ve never heard before.


№536 Feature 01

Powerful Amplification

Unleash the full potential of your music as you go from the quietest lows to the loudest crescendo. The № 536’s toroidal transformer delivers massive power to your speakers. It’s shielded and encapsulated to minimize electrical and mechanical noise, allowing you to focus completely on your music.

№536 Feature 02

Pure Path Circuit Design

Our proprietary approach to circuit design delivers uncompromising musical purity and an engaging listening experience. By using discrete components carefully selected for their precise function, the № 523 delivers unmatched sound quality that captures the nuances of every note.

№536 Feature 03


Pure Path discrete, direct coupled, fully balanced, monaural signal path
Expansive, fine imaging, extended low frequency response/pitch, and natural high frequencies
Painstakingly optimized, little negative feedback, bandwidth, slewing, and open-loop linearity
Fully differential class-AB architecture, operates in class A for most listening conditions
Custom-designed, low noise toroid with separate secondary windings for each output stage
Designed and handcrafted in the USA


One balanced, one single-ended input


Rated for 400wpc into 8 ohms, 800wpc into 4 ohms, with 2-ohm stability


System-integration connectivity: Ethernet, IP, RS-232, triggers, web monitoring and control


6000-series aluminum chassis, extremely high precision, exceedingly low tolerances