Bill Whitford

I found Quebec Acoustic through this web site. Although I had lived in Montreal for 35 years, I had never heard of Q-A before. I called up Richard (Desjardins) 10 days before SuperBowl and asked him if he could find me a projector before SuperBowl. Richard explained that he was getting a ton of orders and that everyone wanted a pj for the big game. That aside he promised me that he would get one to me even though he didnt have the one I wanted in stock (because of pre-SuperBowl business). Lo and behold this Monday, I get an email with my invoice and a shipment tracking number. Sadly though, UPS did not enter the shipping information correctly and the projector was slated to get to my home AFTER the SuperBowl. I then informed Richard of this. He called me back a little later and resolved the situation by sending a second projector to me overnight. Guess what, the projector is at home getting setup for the big game this Sunday. I have NEVER seen such commitment to service ever. If I could rate Quebec Acoustic a 10 out of 5 that is exactly what I would do! Richard, Thank you very much!!! Bill P.S. I forgot to mention that Richard steered me towards a projector that I wasn’t considering ($$$) but he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. What a great guy! 😀