Terrific service and great prices: I purchased the Sanyo Z4 from this dealer at the best price in Canada. Richard shipped it out by courier and it arrived very fast. But it was DOA! Fortunately, Richard immediately fixed the problem: he arranged for a courier to pick up the defective projector and shipped out a second one the same day, again by courier. I had a working projector 36 hours after reporting the initial problem. And the new one is perfect – a truly amazing projector and Quebec Acoustic backs up its sales with the best customer service I can imagine. It is VERY important to note what happened here: a lot of dealers will just send back a DOA projector for repair and you get to wait for weeks until it is ready. QA had a new projector in my hands almost immediately. I will definitely use Quebec Acoustic for all future home theatre purchases. Total reliability, the best prices, no PST if you are out of Quebec, and a demonstrated commitment to customer satisfaction: perfect. -jtkerr