Roland Auer

I bought the JVC DLA-RS55 and besides this being one hell of a projector, I got one hell of a deal, and expertise from Richard, who is extremely knowledgable about matters concerning home theatre. They are also expert on Screen Goo, and compared Grandview with the underlying wall finished in Screen Goo (Screen Goo won the contest, being brighter and sharper than the Grandview). Where else can you get knowledge and A-B comparisons like that? Screen Goo is a big secret, and available from these guys. It is what large, professional wall-screens use, and gets you enormous screens for a good price. Lastly, Richard solved a cable problem on the fly (it caused flicker, and was a new cable, not purchased at Quebec Acoustics, and was a diagnostically difficult problem in HDMI cabling). Overall, I highly recommend Quebec Acoustics from my above experience. Will continue to deal with them.