While I (like most) like the prices you can get shopping on the net, I was a little apprehensive about buying a big ticket item like a projector over the net. My biggest fear was, what if something goes wrong; will I get the customer support I need? Having read good reviews on Richard’s customer service I decided to take a chance and purchased a Panasonic 900 from Quebec Acoustic. Unfortunately for me, and through no fault of Quebec Acoustic, I soon realized my worst fears, my new projector had a manufacturing problem. Richard’s handling of my problem was excellent. After I reported my concerns, Richard immediately shipped me a replacement projector. Note, this is before he received back the unit I was returning. Further, he paid for all the additional shipping costs, both ways. I could not have been happier with how I was treated and the customer service I received. Bottom-line, I received a very competitive price with truly excellent customer service from Richard; you will not be disappointed if you buy from Quebec Acoustic.
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