Ecran Grandview Permanent Fixe Prestige

UGS : 365 Brand:

Cadre Fixe Permanent: PS High Contrast Fabric in matte white (1.0 Gain), grey (0.8 Gain) or silver (1.3 Gain) depending on size, Adjustable Tension Bar System,3,2″ (16:9 only) Beveled Aluminum Frame with Black Velvet, Easy-Rail Installation System


  • 3 Colors white matte (1.0 Gain), grey (0.8 Gain) or silver (1.3 Gain) depending on size
  • The Fixed-Frame Cinema screen is enclosed in an 8cm attractive plush velvet wrapped lightweight alloy frame.
  • Suitable for high definition television/movies.
  • Special designed slim bracket for an easy click on installation, also an easy way to uninstall the screen by pushing the two buttons of the bottom bracket .
  • Screen can slide along the brackets to achieve a best viewing position.
  • Video, HDTV and 2.35:1 format are available for size up to 200”
  • Uses the PS Series HDTV Cinema fabric (High Contast White, 1.0 Gain) designed specifically for home theatre use.
  • Grandview PS Series Grey Matt, High Gain Silver and Rear screen fabric are available on some sizes or special order.
  • The PS Series screen uses a special fabric containing miniature and fine diamond veins that work effectively to remove purple light and light waves while fully reverting colour.
  • The Fixed-Frame adjustable tension design system ensures that the screen is as flat and level as a mirror.
  • Grandview products statify the ROHS requirement..
  • One year warranty term against defectives of materials and handworkship.