Ecran Portable Grandview Tripod

UGS : 372 Brand:

Tripod (4-Layer Matte White Fabric with Fiberglass Backing, Classic Models are extra heavy duty)


Portable tripod screen

  • Toe-release device for a easy unlocking the tripod feet.
  • A special keystone eliminator tilts helps eliminated distorted images.
  • The screen height is adjustable with a self-locking extension tube and can be easily made to suit different projectors.
  • equiped with a unique case level adjusting screw, keep the case in level by adjusting the screw in case the floor is not even.
  • Grandview products statify the ROHS requirement..
  • One year warranty term against defectives of materials and handworkship.

Charming Model for smaller sizes and Classic Model for larger ones.