Grand Ecran Portable Grandview Super Mobile

UGS : 375 Brand:

Super Mobile: Large Portable Screens (Heavy Duty Design with Back Support, Available in Front or Rear) (4:3)


Super mobile screen

  • The frame is made of aluminum alloy and is easy to fold and store.
  • Designed built-in lock mechanism provides a flat screen surface when snapping the fabric on.
  • It can be completely concealed into its container when not in use. Folds so no parts need to be dismantled, and can be taken down or set up without any tools.
  • The structure is specially designed to ensure a perfectly flat screen on a application of this size.
  • Extremely durable LLDPE transporting case is suitable for all size.
  • Frame size 32mm for sceeen size up to 200”,40mm for screen size from 200° to 250°, 64x32mm for screen size from 250° to 400°
  • Customer size is available.
  • Ideal for situations on the move: exhibitions, entertainment venues, etc.
  • The projection surface utilizes unique materials creating a smooth surface for superior image quality. The flexible projection surface is suitable for all occasions and ensures a color-rich reflection and sharp pictures.
  • Grandview products statify the ROHS requirement..
  • One year warranty term against defectives of materials and handworkship