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For connaisseurs and lovers of good music, why not optimize your listening experience?

Quebec Acoustic experts can propose a custom, hi-fi audio system: turntable for vinyls, custom hi-fi systems, amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers and more.

Contrary to a flat screen or high definition Blu-ray, an audio installation is an excellent investment because it does not lose value over time. Some of our customers are still using the high-quality equipment purchased from us over 15 years ago!

Come to Quebec Acoustic and meet one of our experts who can guide you in selecting the equipment that is right for you. The choice will be a very personal one, because it depends on your ear and acoustic sensitivity. Why not bring in your favorite music for an outstanding listening session where you can try out the different equipment in our showroom?

Note that your main speakers can be used for both hifi and home theatre installations. That is why it’s important to dedicate a good part of your budget to superior quality acoustics: no matter what the configuration, sound is at the heart of your installation.

Multi-Room Audio

Quebec Acoustic can change the way you listen to music in your home.

Play music everywhere or just in certain rooms.

Play pieces from your favorite personal collection or Internet source – at the volume you want and in one or many rooms at once, including outside, poolside and in your garden.

You can also play music from different audio sources, such as your smart phone, tablet, receiver, continuous-play service or Internet radio. High-powered amplifiers can diffuse stereophonic-quality sound in multiple areas of the house. Customize your surroundings by selecting a music source for one particular room without having it play in other rooms, where other musical choices can play.

This exceptional musical environment is offered unobtrusively, with speakers placed in the ceiling or walls so that wires are invisible and everything blends in perfectly with the esthetics of your home.

Commercial Audio

Good sound is more than just a question of good speakers. In order to hit the right note for your needs, choose a high-performance, high-quality sound system.

At Quebec Acoustic we specialize in the sales, installation, maintenance and repairs of commercial sound systems. Call on our experts to create the perfect ambiance for your restaurant, bar, hotel, auditorium, clinic, office, commercial centre, conference or training room.

From background music in elevators, halls and offices to the powerful sound required for a trendy downtown bar, our team of specialists will propose the perfect solution from our vast selection of products.

And your equipment will be discreetly integrated into your environment – because outstanding acoustics should be heard, not seen!

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