Abyss Diana MR / 4-Pin XLR


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The new ABYSS DIANA MR headphones are crafted to establish a connection between audiophiles, head-fi enthusiasts, and professional audio mixing and mastering engineers. The ABYSS team has meticulously designed these headphones, creating a highly versatile full-range planar model that boasts ultra-low distortion, a nearly flat frequency response, and an addictively smooth sound clarity.

DIANA® MR elevates the listening experience across a wide range of electronic devices. Whether you’re using a simple USB dongle or high-end tube and solid-state headphone amplifiers, this headphone offers a universal sonic character that excels with all of them.

Its low impedance makes it compatible with portable battery-operated equipment and desktop electronics, delivering remarkable resolution even from low-voltage power sources, all while retaining lush bass. The patented MR planar driver, with its newly designed flat frequency and phase response, ensures a full and natural sound in the bass and midrange, excellent vocal reproduction, and extended high frequencies that are smooth, clear, and true to the source, without harshness.

With the MR, you’ll hear intricate low-level details in your recordings without experiencing listening fatigue, harshness, or sibilance. We’ve incorporated the best attributes of high-performance headphones into this single model. The sound quality is absolutely exceptional and effortless. The latest ABYSS Diana MR headphones are designed to fit your head, ears, and preferences as if they were custom-made just for you!

Please note that the vegan version comes with a headband made from cactus leather and UltraSuede ear pads. These ear pads provide a subtle softening of upper frequencies that most listeners find complementary to the headphone and audio systems, all while being quite comfortable. If you prefer to maximize detail retrieval, we recommend lambskin ear pads. Additionally, you have the option to order extra Diana magnetic ear pads, including bass-ported versions, to customize the sound to your liking.

These headphones are proudly made in the USA, with all-aluminum frame components CNC machined and finished in-house. We also produce our own planar speaker drivers and assemble each unit with great care in our Buffalo, New York facility. The Diana MR stands as the thinnest and lightest boutique headphone globally, sculpted from aircraft-grade aluminum, exemplifying impeccable build quality, fit, and finish, setting new industry standards.

The high-quality leather headband features soft Alcantara® padding inspired by race car design, with additional cushioning to eliminate pressure points. The VEGAN option uses cactus leather. The headphones boast a high-tech polymer ceramic finish with custom carbon fiber or exotic wood inlays, offering an attractive aesthetic.

The large 63mm patented planar speakers deliver the signature ABYSS sound, characterized by powerful bass. The latest generation Diana ear pads, crafted in-house, feature head-shaped foam and a ‘pillow-top’ cushion that adapts to the shape of your head, ensuring long-term comfort with minimal clamping force. These ear pads are available in lambskin leather or VEGAN UltraSuede (black only) for those who prefer an animal-friendly option.

The Fibonacci side hole pattern fine-tunes the sound while following the natural flow of air, ensuring an optimal acoustic experience. Headband size adjustments utilize magnets, providing long-term reliability without any wear and tear.

The updated headband design flexes in sync with the cushion ear pads to perfectly conform to the shape of your head, offering a comfortable and custom fit for 95% of users, regardless of head size. For those outside the 95%, we have tailored solutions available.

You can select from three color combinations for a personalized touch. The headphones come with a new custom hard carry case, lined with velvet, providing a secure fit and protection for your Diana MR.

These headphones weigh just 390 grams, making them exceptionally light. They offer an impedance of 30 ohms and a sensitivity of 91 dB/mW, which are lower values for enhanced performance. The frequency response extends from 10 Hz to 30 KHz, providing a wide range for audio fidelity.

The package includes a high-quality headphone cable by JPS Labs, with a length of 1.5 meters (5 feet) and a choice of 3.5 mm, 6.3 mm, 4-pin XLR, or 4.4 mm balanced plug. Additional cables are available for separate purchase.

For optimal results, high-performance headphones like the Diana MR require a quality portable headphone player or headphone amplifier. Using a standard cell phone will not provide the satisfying levels and audio quality these headphones are capable of. We recommend visiting our Electronics section for compatible equipment or consulting your ABYSS Dealer for guidance.

For the Diana MR, we highly recommend pairing it with compatible equipment from the following list, ranked from lower to higher cost:


  • Woo Audio Tube mini USB DAC/AMP
  • Woo Audio WA11


  • Woo Audio WA7 Mark 3 DAC/AMP
  • Woo Audio WA8 AMP/DAC
  • JDS Labs Element III Mk 2 Boosted DAC/AMP
  • Pro-Ject Head Box DS2 B amp
  • HeadAmp GS-X mini amp
  • XIAUDIO Broadway Balanced amp
  • Woo Audio WA23 tube amp
  • dCS Lina amplifier
  • dCS Lina DAC
  • Woo Audio WA33 tube amp

These compatible equipment options are listed in ascending order of cost.