Audioquest Pearl Optical


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Low-Dispersion Low-Jitter Fiber (Digital Timing Errors) Finely Polished Classified In-Wall PVC Optical Interface

While, thanks to HDMI, Toslink is not as commonly used to connect a DVD player to an A/V receiver, Toslink connectors are common on set-top boxes, televisions, subwoofers, and all sorts of products. And now, the mini 3.5mm optical connector, sometimes incorrectly called Mini-Toslink, is everywhere… from the versatile 3.5mm headphone jack on a Mac laptop to the inputs of some of the best portable devices.

For these many reasons, AudioQuest has refined and renewed its serious high-performance OptiLink cable series. All models and lengths are now available in both Toslink to Toslink and Toslink to Mini Optical 3.5mm versions.

Low-Dispersion Fiber Conductors