Audioquest Rocket 11 Full Range Banana

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The Rocket 11 is an ideal choice for speaker cables in Full Range or Single-BiWire configurations. Single-BiWire allows you to optimize performance when your speakers have separate inputs for low and high frequencies.

BiWiring reduces distortion in the cable – separating low frequencies from high frequencies is like removing waves from the water when you (the highs) are trying to swim. The double magnetic wire design of the Rocket 11 maximizes the benefits of BiWiring.

The semi-solid concentric conductors offer significantly better performance than typical twisted conductors. These semi-solid conductors consist of fewer but larger strands that remain fixed in place along the entire length of the cable. This fixed arrangement reduces distortion, enhances resolution and dynamics, while minimizing the confusion caused by strand interaction.

The Long-Grain Copper (LGC) within the Rocket 11 contains fewer oxides, impurities, and grain boundaries than standard OFHC copper, resulting in significantly improved performance.

The low-inductance double geometry is an important feature. Conventional speaker cables have relatively high inductance, which spreads energy over time and impairs sound clarity. Each of the two conductors in the Rocket 11 offers lower inductance, improving clarity and extending the frequency range from bass to treble.

The Rocket 11 comes equipped with SureGrip 300 connectors or banana plugs, which have a direct silver coating on the copper, without an intermediate nickel layer.

Les conducteurs concentriques semi-solides en cuivre à grains longs (LGC) are designed to reduce distortion caused by the electromagnetic interaction between strands. In a conventional multi-strand cable, this distortion is exacerbated when each strand changes position within the bundle. In contrast, in an AudioQuest semi-solid concentric cable, the strands within the bundle maintain their fixed arrangement, significantly reducing distortion. Long-Grain Copper (LGC) offers a smoother and clearer sound compared to ordinary OFHC (Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity) copper. LGC contains fewer oxides in the conductor material, fewer impurities, fewer grain boundaries, and significantly better performance.

The low-inductance double twisted-pair geometry is a critical feature. A typical speaker cable with parallel conductors has relatively high inductance, which spreads energy over time and results in dull and blurred sound. In the Rocket 11, both conductors of each cable half are twisted around each other, resulting in lower inductance, improved clarity, and a broader frequency range from low to high.

The Rocket 11 is versatile and suitable for both Full Range and Single-BiWire configurations. You can use it as a Full Range cable by grouping the red (+) and black (-) conductors, or, when your speakers have separate inputs for low and high frequencies, you can enhance system performance by opting for BiWiring.