Audioquest Sydney Interconnect RCA-RCA


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Analog Audio Interconnect Cable named in honor of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is the world’s tallest and widest steel-arch bridge and the fifth longest.

Within the Bridges & Falls range, you’ll discover higher-quality metals and more sophisticated technologies, including Air-Tube insulation, Dielectric-Bias System, and Noise-Dissipation System, all at more affordable prices than ever before.

Please note: All cables in our Bridges & Falls Series cleverly bundle their left and right channels into a single jacket and feature our Asymmetrical Double-Balanced geometry with separate high-quality positive and negative conductors. This design yields a slim, flexible, and exceptionally versatile high-performance cable that can be equipped with various modern connectors, including 3.5mm (male or female), DIN, and RCA. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, due to necessity, the plugs on Bridges & Falls cables are relatively close together. If the L and R inputs on your components are more than 3 inches (7.6 cm) apart, we recommend considering models from our Rivers or Elements Series.

SOLID PERFECT-SURFACE COPPER+ (CSP+) CONDUCTORS Solid conductors prevent electrical and magnetic strand interaction. CSP+ Solid Copper minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries and maximizes linear RF noise dissipation.

ASYMMETRICAL DOUBLE-BALANCED GEOMETRY Specifically designed for single-ended applications, Asymmetrical Double-Balanced Geometry offers a relatively lower ground impedance for a richer and more dynamic audio experience. While many single-ended cable designs use a single path for both ground and shielding, Double-Balanced designs separate the two for cleaner and quieter performance.

3-LAYER CARBON-BASED NOISE-DISSIPATION SYSTEM (NDS) Achieving 100% shield coverage is straightforward. Preventing captured Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) from modulating the equipment’s ground reference requires AudioQuest’s Noise-Dissipation System (NDS). Traditional shield systems typically absorb and then drain noise/RF energy to the equipment’s ground, thereby modulating and distorting the critical “reference” ground plane, ultimately causing signal distortion. NDS, with its alternating layers of metal and carbon-loaded synthetics, “shields the shield,” absorbing and reflecting most of this noise/RF energy before it reaches the ground layer.

POLYETHYLENE AIR-TUBE INSULATION Any solid material adjacent to a conductor is essentially part of an imperfect circuit. Wire insulation and circuit board materials all absorb energy, with some of it being stored and later released as distortion. AudioQuest, however, employs Polyethylene Air-Tube Insulation on both conductors, enhancing geometry stability and clarity. Because air absorbs almost no energy and Polyethylene is low-loss with a benign distortion profile, Polyethylene Air-Tube Insulation, with its high air content, results in much less of the out-of-focus effect often seen with other materials.

COLD-WELDED, DIRECT-SILVER PLATED PURE PURPLE COPPER TERMINATIONS Direct-Silver Plating is optimized for sound, with no underlying layer of distortion-inducing nickel. The highly effective cold-weld process avoids the sound-degrading effects of solder.