Chief WM1 Short Throw Projector Mount

SKU: 20853
  • Compatible with the RPA, RPA Elite, RPA Mini and RPA Elite Mini Series projector mounts (must order mount separately). 
  • RSMAUS only included with AUS models. 
  • Also supports wall-mounted long-throw projectors.

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  • Fast installation with innovative quick-connect system
  • Industry-first micro height and leveling adjustment
  • For use with RSA, RPA, RSMA & RPMA projector mounts
  • Precision image alignment with micro roll, pitch and yaw (using the RPA Elite mounts)
  • Integrated cable management system conceals and protects cables for a clean finish
  • Multiple levels of security, including All-Points locking hardware, and four projector mount keyed locking options (A/B/C/D)
  • Projector short throw kit includes single stud short throw extension arm and Universal Mini RPA Elite projector mount (RSMAUS)
  • Variable extension options
  • Includes hardware for wood stud, steel stud and concrete wall construction
  • Also supports long-throw projectors


Adjustments: Roll: 0°
Pitch: 3°
Yaw: 0°
Certifications: UL Listed
Color: Silver
Extension: 11.3" – 53"
Solution Type: Universal
Weight Capacity: 25 lbs (11.3 kg), 50 lbs (22.7 kg)