Ecran Grandview Cyber Series Manuel

SKU: 497

Grandview Cyber Series-Unique Designer Manual Pull-Down (Adjustable L-Brackets with Easy Clip-on Installation, Lightweight Black AluminumCasing on Rail System, 4-Layer Matte White Fabric with Fiberglass Backing)


Cyber Manual Pull-Down Screen

  • Adjustable floating integrated L-brackets or separate mount brackets  make ceiling or wall installation extremely easy.
  • Simple clip on installation is even adjustable left to right.
  • The alloy aluminum outer case is stylish and durable, available in white or black color.
  • Patented 2 in 1 screen controlled return and self position locking mechanism provide more safety insurance (SR/SL) available as an option.
  • Grandview products statify the RoHS requirement.
  • One year warranty term against defectives of materials and handworkship.