Ecran Grandview Skyshow Series

SKU: 17051

The Grandview SkyShow seires is the perfect solution for installations in venues with high ceiling or pillars that range from 5 to 8 meters. SkyShow screens have an innovative built in motorized mechanism that allows the entire screen structure to be lowered vertically. This allows the user to have flexibility in installation in any challenging environment


If you are trying to install a roller screen in a space with very high ceilings, you’ll love the Sky-Show Motorised Screen from Grandview.

Using two separate motors, the screen casing can be lowered independently up to 5m down from the ceiling on stainless steel cables. When the casing is in position, the screen can then be lowered for viewing.
Control is via close contacts, which is perfect for integrating into control systems and wall panels. This is a new feature from late 2009.

The Grandview Sky-Show is perfect for buildings with high ceilings like
auditoriums, churches, school halls or
gyms and architectural applications.

The Grandview SkyShow Screen solves the problem of how to install a screen into a high ceiling or vaulted ceiling, very simply.

The screen utilises two motors – one to drive a cable raising and lowering system and the other to drive the screen.

Using an RF remote control to operate it you can independently lower the housing into place – the stainless steel cables can drop up to 5m – and then lower the screen as needed. Both motors can also run simultaneously.

The real appeal of the SkyShow is how simple it is to install. The two motors and two roller-tubes are contained within a single housing. Installation requires attaching the stainless steel cablehooks onto appropriately mounted fastenings, and making sure the unit is level. That’s it!

Cable limit setting can be done via the RF remote.

The Grandview Skyshow will most likely be one of the easier parts of your install, and once installed, very easy for the user to raise and lower as required.

Product Facts:
• Control of the SkyShow is only available via a RF remote twin motor system = dual frequency RF control.
• The heavy duty screen casing is supplied in black as standard.
• Up to 5m cable drop, then screen drop, all in the one housing.
• Auto–retracting power cable supplied as standard.