Epson HC1080 Projector 1080p, 3400 Lumens

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Enjoy a big screen at home Enhance your home cinema with cutting-edge projection. Equipped with exclusive essential technologies, the Home Cinema 1080 projects stunning 1080p images measuring up to 320 inches on virtually any screen or white wall. Whether it’s for a binge-watching session or an important game, this versatile and dynamic projector provides an exceptional, larger-than-life viewing experience with true 3-chip 3LCD technology, the best color brightness in its class1, and fast data processing. Finally, with versatile connectivity and easy installation, you can immediately enjoy HD entertainment—just turn on the projector to start watching games, movies, and more2.

  • Detailed and stunning 1080p images
  • Color and white brightness of 3,400 lumens
  • 3LCD technology ensuring the best color brightness in its class1
  • Two HDMI ports for versatile connectivity
  • Built-in speaker and easy installation

Magnificent Image Quality Provides stunningly detailed 1080p resolution images and optimized fast data processing for sports, fast-action gaming, and more.

Ultra-Bright Images With color and white brightness of 3,400 lumens, it delivers outstanding image quality in various lighting conditions.

Best-in-Class Color Brightness Utilizing advanced 3LCD technology, it displays the RGB color signal at 100% for each frame, ensuring extremely precise color brightness without unwanted effects like the rainbow effect or color oversaturation often seen with other technologies.

Versatile Connectivity Equipped with two HDMI ports, making it easy to connect your cable/satellite box, Blu-ray player, video game console, or streaming device.

Easy Installation Featuring a built-in speaker and a straightforward setup for HD entertainment.

Integrated Image Tilt Sensor Automatically analyzes the image and instantly corrects keystone distortion to restore a square image.