Panamax M5300-PM

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Panamax M5300-PM Max 5300 Power Conditioner and Surge Protector, 2U, 11 Outlets

The M5300-PM is designed to provide noise isolation between 5 isolated outlet banks, including one bank with 2 high current outlets, ensuring that any noise generated by an audio/video component cannot contaminate the power supplied to equipment connected to another outlet bank.

Protect your equipment and enhance its performance The Panamax M5300-PM does more than just shield your audio/video system from electrical power surges. It also smooths out minor current fluctuations and effectively eliminates electronic interference, delivering a clear and pristine picture and sound. The M5300-PM can safeguard up to 11 components and features a protected front-panel USB jack for your MP3 player, cell phone, or another portable electronic device.

Clean power for high-performance audio/video gear This power conditioner has ten AC outlets on its back panel, divided into five isolated banks to minimize cross-interference between your components. Two of the outlets are designed for high-current components like amplifiers and powered subwoofers. These switched outlets operate with a slight delay to prevent “speaker thump” when powering your system on and off. A front-panel digital voltmeter and ammeter allow you to closely monitor the AC power coming into your system.

Ethernet and coaxial RF protection The M5300-PM also features two sets of protected Ethernet jacks, including one on the front panel, so you can surf the web without worrying about power surges. A pair of protected telephone jacks prevents power surges from coming through your phone line, while three sets of coaxial terminals shield your satellite, cable TV, and antenna connections.

M5300-PM Features:

  • Clean Power Level 4: Improves picture and sound quality by eliminating noise across the entire AC bandwidth. 40% more efficient at eliminating noise than Clean Power Level 3.
  • AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring): Protects equipment against prolonged over/under voltages by disconnecting the power and reconnecting it when safe power returns.
  • High Current Outlets: 2 outlets for equipment with high power demands (Amps/Subwoofers).
  • USB Charger: 1 front panel 500mA USB charger. May not recognize all devices. Check manufacturer’s power specifications of USB device.
  • Gaming LAN Port: Easy access to LAN port on the front panel. Perfect for online gaming.
  • 5 Isolated Outlet Banks: Isolating outlet banks from one another prevents noise contamination between components.
  • 12 Volt Trigger: Allows source equipment to activate or deactivate the switched outlets on the M5300-PM.
  • Power Sequencing: Guards against blown fuses and potentially damaging speaker thump by automatically powering outlets on and off in sequence.
  • 11 Outlets: 5 Always On, 4 Switched, 2 Switched High Current.


  • Voltage Protection Rating (UL 1449 3rd Edition, 3,000A): 500V
  • Single Pulse Energy Dissipation: 2125 Joules
  • Peak Impulse Current: 72,000 Amps
  • LAN – Wires Protected: 8-Wires
  • LAN – Compatibility: 10/100bT
  • LAN – Clamping Level: 60V ± 5V
  • Coax – Shielded: Yes
  • Coax – Insertion Loss: < 0.5 dB
  • Coax – HD 1080 i/p Ready: Yes
  • Coax – Frequency Range: 0 MHz – 2.2 GHz
  • Coax – Connections: Female “F,” Gold Plated
  • Coax – Clamping Level: 75V
  • Coax – Bidirectional: Yes