Primacoustic Acoustic Panels Ecoscapes 18”x 18” Round Cloud


Box contains 4 panels

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PET Acoustic Panels

Functional Elegance. That’s what you get with an acoustic panel that fits your style. Functional because it offers premium sound absorption for a wide range of environments. Stylish because it can be customized to match the aesthetics of your room. An acoustic panel that helps sustain our outside environment while enhancing your inside environment. This flexibility means you can start thinking of acoustic treatment as an integral part of an architectural project, rather than an afterthought.

Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Ecoscapes 1”x 2”

Sound. Design.

Sometimes you need a sonic solution that offers more than quality sound absorption. One that has to fit, not just in terms of size and shape, but aesthetically. Imagine a sound absorption panel that doubles as a design element for your unique space. One with colors and shapes that enhance the decor of your room, while also providing optimal sonic qualities. Meet EcoScapes, Primacoustic’s family of eco-friendly sound absorption panels that address both sonic and aesthetic challenges.

Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Ecoscapes 1”x 2”

Your PET Project

EcoScapes panels are made from PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephalate), which comes from recycled plastic water and soda bottles. As a sound absorption solution, PET offers high durability and elasticity.

Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Ecoscapes 1”x 2”Installation Options

To mount EcoScapes wall panels, we recommend using either construction adhesive (permanent) or silicone adhesive (semi-permanent) to directly affix the panels to the wall. EcoScapes Clouds are designed to be suspended from a ceiling, and the kit contains the necessary hardware to do so. Clouds can also be suspended vertically and used as baffles. PET panels can be cut to size with a utility knife or circular/band saw to fit tight spaces or to further customize your project.

Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Ecoscapes 1”x 2”


EcoScapes panels are easy to clean and take care of. PET should not shed or break down over time. Surface dirt and dust can be removed with a duster or vacuum cleaner without damaging the panel, while carpet or upholstery shampoo should remove most stains.

Primacoustic Acoustic Panels Ecoscapes 18” x 18” round cloud

Sound Absorption

ASTM C423, A-Mount – NRC: 0.75 ASTM C423, D20-Mount – NRC: 0.85


  • Materials: Heat-bonded PET fibers
  • Density: 8.3 lb/ft3 (133 kg/m3)
  • Recyclable: Panel constructed with up to 50% post-consumer PET. 100% recyclable. Off-cuts and manufacturing waste are recycled where possible.
  • No VOCs, No binders, No Formaldehyde.
  • Odorless, Non-allergenic, and Non-irritant. Does not shed. Safe to handle without protective equipment.

Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Ecoscapes 1”x 2”