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Box contains 2 panels

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Primacoustic Nimbus: High-Performance Acoustic Ceiling Cloud

The Nimbus is crafted from 1.5-inch thick, high-density glass wool, with a density of 6 lbs per cubic foot. It consists of two panels accompanied by cables, anchors, and hooks for ceiling mounting.


Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Nimbus Cloud

Advanced Design

The Primacoustic Nimbus is a high-performance acoustic ceiling cloud meticulously designed to be suspended from the ceiling. Its goal is to capture ambient energy by absorbing sound as soon as it hits the panel’s face, effectively trapping powerful reflections from the ceiling on the back side.

Quality Materials

Manufactured from 1.5-inch thick, high-density 6lb glass wool, the Nimbus ensures optimal acoustic performance. Each panel is fully encapsulated with micromesh and resin-hardened edges, ensuring exceptional durability.

Finish Options

The acoustic panel is covered in either acoustically transparent Broadway fabric or Primacoustic’s exclusive textured white finish, which can be painted. These options provide aesthetics tailored to various design preferences.

Easy Installation

Installing the Nimbus is quick and straightforward, thanks to the included screw-in Helix cloud anchors, SlipNot suspension cables, and ceiling hooks. In a few simple steps, you can elegantly suspend the Nimbus from your space’s ceiling.

Fire Safety

Like all Broadway panels, the Nimbus has undergone rigorous fire testing, achieving the strictest fire safety classifications in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Complete Kit

Each Nimbus kit is thoughtfully packaged with everything you need, including two panels, eight Helix cloud anchors, SlipNot suspension cables, as well as T-anchors and eye hooks for ceiling mounting.

Color Options

Available in black, grey, or beige acoustic fabric, or with a paintable textured white finish, the Nimbus easily adapts to different styles and preferences.


Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Nimbus Cloud


Technical Specifications

  • Color: Black=00, Beige=03, Grey=08, Paintable=09
  • Core Material: Formed, semi-rigid inorganic glass fibers
  • Density: 6.0 lbs. per cubic foot (96 kg/m3)
  • Fabric Facing: Acoustically transparent polyester
  • Encapsulation: Micromesh on front and rear surface, resin-treated edges
  • Absorption H2O: < 2% by weight @ 120°F (49°C), 95% relative humidity
  • Temperature: -20°F ~ 150°F (-29°C ~ 66°C)
  • Fire Rating: Class-A (ASTM E 84 / CAN/UL-S102, see details below)
  • Mounting: Twist-in cloud anchors (x4) and galvanized hanging wire