Sennheiser HD650

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When Music Takes Center Stage

The HD 650 accurately reproduces both the subtleties and the most intense moments of your musical recordings.

Balanced Sound Headphones

Redefined Smoothness

With its carefully balanced acoustics, luxurious design, and timeless appearance, the HD 650 combines the benefits of a high-performance sports car without the accompanying eccentricities.

This open-back headphone is highly regarded by studio professionals and audiophiles alike for its fatigue-free musical sound and exceptional level of detail. From the first notes, your recordings reveal their true potential, turning each passage into a new revelation. Whether for audio editing, mixing, mastering, or critical listening, the HD 650 instantly elevates the listening experience.

Open-Back HD 650 Headphones

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Sennheiser HD650


The HD 650’s sound signature begins with our exclusive acoustic design. Sound professionals understand that the best components reach their peak performance only when nothing impedes their functionality.

It’s not surprising, then, that the response and spatiality of the HD 650 are so smooth, thanks to its open-back earcups that provide ample space for each sound wave to develop naturally. The 42 mm transducer, paired with a precisely tuned 38 mm diaphragm and an aluminum acoustic coil, delivers extended critical listening. Highs and lows are effortlessly expressed, while the mids are reproduced with unwavering realism, preserving their organic nature. The HD 650’s ability to reveal subtle nuances without exaggerating the highs benefits modern high-frequency sampling. Each transducer undergoes stringent measurements and is matched with a perfect counterpart for consistent representation across the entire frequency spectrum in both channels. By minimizing disparities between the left and right channels, the headphones provide a high-quality mastering-level sound reproduction, regardless of the room’s acoustics or speaker placement.

Sennheiser HD650


  • Headphone Type: Open-back Dynamic
  • Damping Element: Fine Acoustic Metal Mesh
  • Transducer: Exclusive 42 mm with 38 mm Diaphragm
  • Design: Lightweight, Timeless, with Velour Pads for Extended Listening Comfort
  • Frequency Response: 12 – 41,000 Hz
  • Preferred Use: Reference for Analytical Listening
  • Production Tolerances: Extremely Strict (± 1 dB) with Handpicked Components
  • Connection Cable: Detachable, Highly Conductive OFC Copper
  • Impedance: 300 ohms
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05%