Sonos Boost

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The Sonos BOOST is an accessory designed to connect to your ADSL modem, enhancing the performance of your Sonos audio system when your home’s WiFi network doesn’t meet performance requirements.

The Sonos BOOST eliminates potential interference from wireless devices like cordless phones, baby monitors, or other household appliances that can disrupt your network. With its three wireless antennas, it broadcasts signals in 360 degrees through walls and ceilings, ensuring reliable coverage even in the farthest corners of your home.

Wireless connectivity 

SonosNet 2.0, a secure peer-to-peer wireless mesh network with AES encryption.

Internet Connectivity

An internet connection is required for system access, including radio stations, online music services, and software updates (ADSL, cable modem, or LAN-based high-speed internet connection). Internet access may require a separate subscription with possible local and/or national calling fees.

Ethernet Port

It features a 2-port, 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet switch with auto MDI/MDIX support.

Network Bridge

This 2-port switch allows Ethernet devices to connect via SonosNet™, simplifying internet connectivity for other home products. A BOOST is equipped with two Ethernet ports at the rear for standard internet connection to a set-top box, digital video recorder, computer, gaming console, or network-attached storage unit.

Sonos System Expansion

The BOOST extends the range of the Sonos system, enabling you to wirelessly stream music to a remote location by placing a BOOST between a Sonos component and the rest of the Sonos audio system. It also enhances the Controller’s access to SonosNet in areas with weak wireless coverage.

Front Panel Indicator

This indicator displays the status of the BOOST.

“Pair” Button

This button allows for automatic wired or wireless installation of the Sonos audio system.

Power Supply

The power is provided by an external flat power adapter, outputting 5 V DC, 2 A, and supporting input voltages from 110 V AC to 240 V AC.