Bowers & Wilkins DB4S

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Give your home theater setup the bass impact it deserves with the DB4S – a powerful, classically styled single-driver subwoofer that’s a perfect match for the 700 Series.

Bass You Can Feel With a mighty 1000 watts of digital amplification, the DB4S delivers all the visceral rumble and impact needed to bring cinema sound to life.

Agile and Powerful Solid, dramatic bass is delivered through the rigidity and lightness of the uniquely-shaped, variable thickness Aerofoil™ cone.

Powerful Amplification Thanks to 1000 watts of digital amplification, the DB4S offers all the precision, control, and authority you could wish for.

Digital Preamplifier The DB4S employs a digital preamplifier featuring Dynamic EQ for optimized audio performance across the available frequency range.

Control App Easily adjust calibration and correction using the dedicated smartphone app for the DB4S.

Size & Weight
Height: 377mm (14.8 in) including feet
Width: 360mm (14.1 in)
Depth: 368mm (14.5 in)
Net weight
26kg (57.3 lb)

Technical Details
Technical Features
1000W Class D Hypex amplifier
1x ø250mm (10 in) Aerofoil™ cone bass
Digital preamplifier with Dynamic EQ
App-based set-up and BT-LE control
Active closed-box subwoofer system
Drive Units
1x ø250mm (10 in) Aerofoil™ cone bass
Frequency Range
-6dB at 8.5Hz – 500Hz
Frequency Response
10Hz – 350 Hz -3dB (centered on level at 100Hz)
Power Consumption
1/8th of rated power: 195W
Standby: <0.5W
Max Power Output
2 x XLR
2 x RCA
2 x 3.5mm 12V trigger
RS-232 – 9-pin D connector
Input Impedance
RCA: 10 kOhm
XLR: 20 kOhm
82 dB