Primacoustic Acoustic Panels Stratus Cloud

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Creating the Ideal Recording Environment

Crafting the perfect mix requires an optimized listening space, free of resonances and reverberations. Primacoustic Stratus Studio Ceiling Clouds provide an effective solution, eliminating ceiling reflections and enlarging the sweet spot in your studio when hung directly over your mixing console.


Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Stratus Cloud


Primacoustic Stratus: Large Acoustic Ceilings

The Stratus acoustic cloud system is designed to create expansive acoustic ceilings by linking multiple units with a rigid frame. Test data demonstrates its effectiveness in absorbing sound from 100Hz and up, addressing primary reflections and flutter echoes between the ceiling and floor.


Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Stratus Cloud


Critical Listening

Glass wool panels set the industry standard for critical listening, ideal for rooms where audio fidelity matters. Their superior absorption qualities make them perfect for controlling broadband and bass frequencies.

Fire Rated

Primacoustic Panels are fire-rated, ensuring safety for use in any environment.

LEED Certification

LEED provides a framework for green buildings, promoting health, efficiency, carbon savings, and cost-effectiveness. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.


Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Stratus Cloud