Primacoustic Acoustic Panel Grid Diffuser

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Box contains 1 panel

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In addition to its effectiveness in addressing sound absorption issues, acoustic treatment is often used to open up a room by introducing a sense of air and space. Primacoustic’s Radiator Open Grid Diffuser accomplishes this task with style and efficiency.

Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Grid Diffuser

Featuring a natural laminated wood finish and an elegant design that enhances the decor of any room, you can mount the Radiator on your wall or use it as a ceiling cloud to help eliminate standing waves and powerful reflections in your space.

Panneaux acoustique Primacoustic Grid Diffuser

When mounted on a wall, the Radiator’s 64 cubes disperse sound energy upon hitting the hard wood, scattering it around the room and reflecting it in multiple directions. When used as a cloud or mounted on the ceiling, the Radiator enhances your room’s acoustics by creating natural trailing reverb without amplifying the compressed sound of a small space.


24 × 24 in (610 × 610 mm)